Behind the Seams

Our Background


In 2008 we started manufacturing samples for designers and retailers. We then expanded into a full-blown factory making up to 10,000 garments a week for quality retailers and now we are using our factory for you!

Our factory is totally ethical and audited by industry.  We have a leading status in the Fast Forward Audit and we are SMETA approved too.

These audits show we are sustainable, ethical and our technical capabilities are excellent.

Proudly made in Great Britain


We do all of this because we care – we care about each and every garment being the best quality of construction, best quality of fabric and we are proud of our British factory that employs the finest machinists and pattern cutters.

It’s all about the people


We couldn’t do what we do without our talented team of cutters, pattern cutters, machinists, pressers, finishers and quality control. This page is all about celebrating our workforce and giving you an exclusive behind the scenes insight into what it really takes to make a garment!

Belles Fab Friday


Why not come and visit us and see for yourself?

Every Friday is ‘Belles Fab Friday’ where we open the factory doors so you can meet the team and learn how a garment is really produced in an ethical factory.

Featured Styles